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The Fight with Eczema Ends Here

If you are looking for a way to save your child from eczema, discover the method that stopped itchy, cracked skin in its tracks for our family!

What You Will Learn in This Video

We tried restrictive diets, steroid creams and numerous supplements. It took us over a year of experimentation before we found something that worked for our children...

The best part was that what we found cost less than $1/day!

In this video you'll learn...

  1. 1
    Why steroid creams don't heal eczema and can actually cause more problems for long-time users
  2. 2
    Why restrictive diets are not always effective... especially for children
  3. 3
    Why all supplements are NOT created equal and how I finally found a probiotic supplement that follows the latest science and fully healed our children's eczema in weeks
  4. 4
    Why my husband didn't believe me for MONTHS that I had found the easiest and cheapest solution on the market!

Check out this guy's progress! He was the 4th person I gave this to (and when I started taking before/after pics).

Quote from his mom:

"I had to start giving this to my daughter, too, because I felt guilty just giving it to one child!"

Here's another example from the first mom I shared this with.

We Want to Hear Your Story!

We are so grateful for having found a way to give our children an eczema-free life.

When you order through the link below we will send you an email to set-up a 15-minute free consultation where Christi will create a personalized plan for you and your family.

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